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Circuses which use animals as performers should be banned by law. It's cruel and it's really also old fashioned. I like Cricus Roncalli which doesn't rely on animals as entertainment.Oh and you might as well ban unfunny Circus clowns.

Andrea Wren

Thanks for your comment Helen. It really is high time we moved forward on this issue, and see that it is not our right to use and abuse animals in this manner.


I was really surprised when I moved to Germany to learn that animals are in almost every circus here. In Canada, most circuses are animal free as they should be. The only way to get animals to do these unnatural things is to scare them into doing it and the treatment of all animals in circuses is atrocious. I hope that Anne the Elephant will be able to retire after this video and that watching the video will be enough for people to ban Bobby Roberts Circus.

Andrea Wren

Hi Laurel and thanks for your comment. It's interesting to learn from you those differences between Germany and Canada.

I just find the whole idea of circuses so archaic and abhorrent in today's society, akin to the old 'freak shows' really. Why live-animal circuses have not been banned by now is beyond me!


This is an awful video and really brought a tear to my eye it's unreal how someone could do that to an innocent animal. Bobby Roberts circus should be banned! They also still have animals I dread to think how they treat them.

Andrea Wren

Hi Kel, I totally agree! Both Animal Aid and PETA do a lo of work to try and ban animals from being used circuses - do check them out if you want to help (writing one letter can make a difference).


I hope that Anne the Elephant will be able to retire after this video and that watching the video will be enough for people to ban Bobby Roberts Circus..

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